Viral: This Twitter User Put His Burger In The Air Fryer; Leaves Netizens Shocked

The internet is full of culinary experiments that receive mixed reactions from foodies around the world. As the year 2021 was full of surprises in terms of food trends, we are all looking forward to 2022 with bated breath for all things pleasant. However, the saga of weird culinary experiments and food trends goes on.

With the arrival of the new year, the internet is full of more such bizarre experiments and the one we have here will leave you shocked for real. Recently, a viral food experiment made rounds on Twitter. A person with the username @KLobstar live-tweeted his experiment of putting a big mac burger in the air fryer. The tweet garnered around 200k likes and 25k retweets. The user has also experimented by putting hot dogs in the air fryer but this year he has come up with new food to experiment with.

The user began his experiment with a tweet consisting of a picture of his burger with a caption- “gonna air fry a Big Mac for 120 minutes and see what happens”. He then proceeded with his experiment by saying that he “is a genius with a lot of time on his hands (unemployed)”.

He then proceeds with his experiment till the last minute and goes on describing his experience. In the end, the results were dissatisfactory. The user stated that the insides of the burger are “untouched” and are undercooked. However, the buns got burnt in the process and his entire house smelt of fire that was “unsurmountable” and “demonic”. The user ended the thread by reviewing the process with a tweet “It was terrible. Absolutely disgusting. 7/10 stars.”

The user then went ahead to post some memes and said that the smell of the burnt burger was lingering in all his rooms.

This was one of the first weird experiments on the internet this year. Are you up for more such weird experiments? Well, we are. It’s certainly fun. Do let us know in the comments section whether you are up for giving this experiment a try.