If there's anything that comes in handy in every situation, meal and course, then it is the humble egg. Whether you are on a diet or not or are planning for a healthy and scrumptious breakfast or lunch, eggs are an easy, healthy and delicious addition to your diet. The simple and humble food is versatile enough to be a part of most food experiments over the years. We've come a long way from having simple boiled eggs to fried and grilled eggs. However, if someone mentions eggs in front of us, the first thing to cross our mind is an omelette. Out of the myriads of egg dishes, omelette is the easiest, quickest, filled with nutrition and taste. Be it for a healthy and filling breakfast or add proteins and healthy fats to a lunch platter, eggs are our go-to foods for sure.

If you ever visit my home in the morning, the first aroma you'll is that of an omelette. To make my omelette more filling, healthy and delicious, I add a lot of veggies, seasonings and pepper. I always like my omelette extra spicy and wholesome. However, after coming across a video on Instagram, I questioned my choice of spiciness. I think I might go to this place soon to fulfill my desire to have an extra spicy omelette.

An Instagram food blogger with the username @delhifoodnest uploaded a video of a street food vendor making a "440 volts" chilly omelette. The vendor attempted to add chilli pepper to make the omelette extra spicy. He added two eggs in a bowl followed by some green peppers, a masala mix and some chopped onions. He poured the mixture into a hot pan, added two pieces of bread, some chopped tomatoes and served with ketchup and mayonnaise. The street vendor has its stall in Sita Ram Bazaar, Chawry Bazaar by the name 'Shikandar Omelette'. He sells the "440 volts" omelette for Rupees 60 INR.

The video has garnered around 4,75,000 views and some 28.7k likes and hundreds of comments from foodies around India.

Would you prefer your omelette extra spicy? If yes, don’t forget to pay a visit to this place to satisfy your spice cravings.