In the past few years, we’ve seen many interesting food experiments that have gone viral. Not just home chefs but even street food vendors resort to creative ways to make it unique and thrilling. Food has indeed become a creative space. Haven't we all once thought of participating in a gol gappa challenge? Well, I have done it and lost miserably, but perhaps it worked well for the vendor who sold about 30 gol gappas to just us. And then there are those quirky food combinations that go viral on the internet and make us root for stuff like Tandoori chai. So food innovation and experiments are no longer the business of just professional Chefs. Many street food vendors too have taken up the challenge to dish out an array of innovative street food, and seems like there’s no end to it now. Are you a fan of momos? Then we have found the perfect new experiment for you to try. In a new video that has been going viral, a street food vendor has put a fiery twist on our beloved momos. Quite literally. Confused? Have a look:

 In the video, we can see steamed street-style momos being pan-fried. Which is quite normal, isn’t it? The vendor seasons it with chopped vegetables and saute. But then he splashes a dash of liquid in the pan that sets the momos on fire. Yes, you read that right. The momos are actually on fire in the pan. Once the momos 'cool down' he seasons it with a host of sauces including tomato and chilli sauce along with vinegar, giving the momos a red, hot and spicy gravy. Sounds delicious, right? The video has already garnered about 88.1k likes and over 1.4m views, ever since it was uploaded by Instagram food blogger @paidaishi_foodie. And well, it is rightly called ’Fire Momos’ and is available at Tenzi momos in Jaipuria Market in Noida.  

People on the internet had mixed reactions to the momos. While some couldn’t wait to try the fiery dish, some feared the level of spices. What do you think about fire momos? Let us know.  

And while you are still deciding if fiery momos are worth it or not, why not try our recipe of classic steamed veg momos at home? Find the recipe here