Viral: This Six In One Sursuri Chaat In Lucknow Will Have You Gasping
Image Credit: Image: Screengrab from YouTube video by Foodie Incarnate

Indian street food has gone beyond the usual fare of gol gappas and tikkis. It now offers everything from delicious fusion options to outright bizarre ones too, be it chocolate dosa, chocolate magi to ice cream paan and so on. And internet never fails to amaze us with new ones every day. If you are a chaat lover, then we have the best street food for you to try- a papdi chaat with flavours that are sure to awaken all your senses. Food Blogger Amar Sirohi took to his YouTube channel Foodie Incarnate to share his experience at a chaat stall in Lucknow that offers a unique dish- Sursuri Chaat. 

Located in Aminabad, Lucknow, Panditji’s Chaat is a super famous chaat corner, particularly for papdi chaat. The video starts with Panditji explaining how he makes the chaat with a total of six chaats within one serving. He starts by mixing salt, zeera, mirch, lemon and masala in a pinch of mathra and keep it aside. Next, he takes mini samosa, palat patta, besan pakodi and papdi and dips it in a chutney of sweet aam (mango) chutney. He then takes a gol gappa and stuffs it with the flavourful prepared Mathra. He tops it with more aam chutney and dahi and then adds the zing of dhania aloo, which are immersed in a hari (green) chutney. One sight of it and you would be slurping. Panditji reveals how he still uses silbatta to make the chutney. Silbatta is a traditional grinding stone that was used in Indian kitchens way back before electronic grinders came. Many people swear by the rustic flavours of a Silbatta, just like Panditji in the video.  

He further explains how his dhania mirch chutney that he pours on top, is super-hot in flavour and can actually open up all senses, thus its name is ‘Sursuri chaat’. Take a look:

As soon as the blogger tries the green chaat, he is seen gasping and reveals how he has to combat the spice by eating the dahi papdi chaat. The video has garnered a lot of appreciation as it crossed over 260k views n YouTube. The comments were full of generous comments. “Looks so yummy” wrote one user while another said “Unique chat preparation!” Sirohi also explained how this is a very simple preparation with everyday spices and herbs, yet tasted unique. 

What do you think about the Sursuri chaat? Would you try this when in Lucknow? Let us know.