Viral: This Roomali Khakhra Has Impressed Desi Foodies
Image Credit: Source: viniscookbook/Instagram

No matter what, when you think of cuisines that have simple flavours yet are irresistibly decadent, Gujarati cuisine is sure to pop into your mind. The rich, diverse and age-old cuisine has kept us Indians hooked on to it for ages now and we all know it. Be it the classic dhokla for breakfast or the delectable undhiyu for lunch, Gujarati cuisine always comes to the rescue when it's about lip-smacking food. Primarily vegetarian, Gujarati cuisine is one of the best culinary treasures of Indian cuisine. It is an elaborate affair of all things delicious and wholesome.

Any day of the week, if anyone asks me about my favourite snacks to go with chai, I would not miss a second and say ‘Gujarati naashto’. Be it theplas along with chai for breakfast or fafda and khakhras with the same for an evening snack, Gujarati snacks have always enticed people. Can you relate to it, too? If yes, this recent food trend will surely appeal to you. Featuring a new version of the OG Gujarati snack khakhra, this video has been doing rounds on the internet and we are obsessed. Take a look:

We all have relished both roomali rotis and khakhras, and this cross between the two dishes is surely interesting. In this video uploaded by the Instagram food blogger @foodie_incarnate, we can see a man flattening out a maida dough ball into a giant roomali roti. He, then, proceeds to roast the roti on the back of a kadhai, and as soon as the roti is cooked and crispy, he takes it off the flame and brushes some ghee onto the crispy side followed by some chopped coriander leaves and a masala mix. Sp far, the video has garnered over 1.5 million views, 102k likes and hundreds of comments from foodies across the country. Take a look at them:

“I will just keep it as a souvenir dish in my living room.”

“Iske ander toh mera beta bethke isko kha sakta hain”

“That's a huge rumali roti”

This roomali khakhra is available at Hari Om Dhaba, Nashik, Maharashtra for ₹180. Would you try this new combo dish? Do let us know.