Viral: This Pomegranate Is Filled With Kulfi Instead Of Pulp; Tried Yet?

There’s no denying that Indians have a huge sweet tooth. No wonder our cuisine offers a range of sweet delicacies, each better than the other. Be it rasgulla, barfis, gulab jamuns, jalebi-rabri, kulfi-faluda, or a range of halwas, there is something for everyone. But it doesn’t stop just there. Popular chefs, culinary experts and even street food vendors are constantly reinventing to create more innovative desi desserts inspired by some of our classic delicacies. For instance, in a recent video that has gone viral we saw how our humble kulfi has been transformed into a mouth-watering delicacy. Now you may have heard of pista kulfi, mango kulfi and other kulfi delicacies with fruit flavours, but this one here is an exception. Ever heard of a fruit that is filled with kulfi? Take a look:

 In a video uploaded by Instagram based food blogger called @paidaishi_foodie, we see a street vendor in Delhi selling anaar kulfi. But it’s not anaar-flavoured kulfi but in fact has anaar filled with kulfi instead of pulp. The video shows the vendor remove pomegranate from the deep freezer. The fruit has icicles formed and so he breaks and cut open the whole fruit. It shows how the fruit is not filled with pulp but filled with pomegranate flavoured kulfi. Isn’t it amazing how the ordinary-looking anar (pomegranate) was actually filled with kulfi? It seems like the top of the fruit has been cut off so that the pulp and seeds could be scooped out from it. The kulfi is then filled in the empty fruit and kept for freezing. And in the video, we can also see many other fruits prepared in the same manner. It includes apples, oranges and mangoes as well. 

The video has created a buzz ever since it was uploaded. No wonder it has garnered over 9m views and more than 240k likes. People were amazed by the creativity and were also tempted to try the kulfi. “Very tempting” wrote one user while another comment read “This is so yummyy”. 

You can find this fruit kulfi at Jaiveer Chaap in Rohini, Delhi, as the blogger mentioned in the caption. What do you think about the unique fruit kulfi? Would you try it? Let us know.