Viral: This ‘Mount Everest Ice Gola’ Comes With Heaps Of Malai, Ice Cream And Syrup
Image Credit: Image credit: YouTube @ARE YOU HUNGRY

‘Go big, or go home’ is the mantra most street food vendors swear by in the country. From Bahubali Gol Gappa, to Bahubali egg roll, people were hooked to giant versions of their favourite street foods in the year gone by, and this year looks no different. A Nagpur eatery just went viral online for its exquisite ice gola preparation. Ice Gola, for the unversed, refers to a mound of crushed ice, that is slathered over with sweet syrups made of mango, jamun, orange etc. It is finished off with chat masala and a squeeze of lemon. Much like ice-lollies, these golas are a hit among kids and many fully grown-up adults too. After all, how many of us can resist the urge to check the colour of our tongue each time we pop into this gola, I suppose none.  

What Goes Into The Mount Everest Gola

This eatery in Nagpur is making this nostalgic ride back to our childhood all the more enticing with their Mount Everest Ice Gola. In a video posted by the YouTube Channel Are You Hungry, we see a man preparing this mammoth gola and proudly calling it a feast fit for Kings. “Sirf Maharajao Ko Milti Hai”, he says as the camera pans on him. If you finish the gola yourself in a matter of 30 minutes, you can even take home a royal sum of Rs. 5000. Before you get all excited about the challenge, let us tell you what all goes into the making of this Gola. Enough ice is crushed in using the machine to make a mountain which is roughly one feet in height. That’s right. This gola is then slathered over with malai that has been beaten together until it becomes smooth and creamy. The next layer is that of condensed milk, followed by orange syrup, rose syrup, raw mango syrup, kala khatta syrup. Then the ‘mountain’ is propped with rabri.  

Upon asking if the gola was ready to be served, the vendor says “abhi toh aur cheezein baaki hai (there’s a lot left)”. The vendor then proceeds to take a scoop of Rajbhog ice cream and place it on top of the Gola, followed by a scoop of American nuts, chocolate, black current. Some more flavoured condensed milk is added on top followed by crushed cashews, raisins, and tutti fruities. A splash of blueberry syrup goes next for a nice pop of colour, post which it is garnished with slivered almonds, pistachios, jellies and finally some choco chips.  

And that is all that goes in this Mount Everest Ice Gola, think you have it in you to finish it all by yourself and take home the price of rupees 5000. Needless to say, most of the users were gobsmacked by the preparation, while some found it to be a bit of a stretch.  Well, we’d certainly like to try the unique dish at least once. How about you? Do let us know. Happy Feasting.