Viral: This Fire Omelette Is The Latest Street Food Sensation To Tickle Our Fancy
Image Credit: Pixabay

It is probably the quickest thing you can make in your kitchen, also perhaps the first thing you ever learnt to cook? Our collective love for omelette is something we share with countless people across the globe, why else would there be so many local and international variations of a single dish? While we have tried many varieties of omelettes, right from Spanish to American, but this ‘fire omelette’ from an Indian street food stall is definitely something that got us hooked.

The YouTube short uploaded by the YouTube creator ‘Are You Hungry’ captures a man who used to run a cable business and after suffering huge losses started a street food thela. “Ek baar khaoge to mere hisab aap dobara zarur aaoge (if you have it once, you are sure to return)”, the vendor can be heard saying as he prepared his skillet to make Handi Fire Omelette, four at once.

He beats the eggs with chillies and masala in a steel glass and spreads it on greased, hot tawa. Post this he places six slices of cheese on top of the omelette and turns one side of the omelette over. Then he cuts the omelette using his spatula and lands each piece in his handi or a small earthen vessel. He goes back to his tawa and melts a block of butter on his tawa, to the melted pool of hit butter he adds chopped tomatoes, chillies and other veggies, followed by Kashmiri lal mirch, which gives a distinctive red hue to the buttery masala gravy that he adds to his Handi on top of the omlette. Further, he grates cheese on top of each Handi or matka and with a fire torch melts some more butter and cheese together inside the Handi.

The camera also pans on a regular bread omelette, on top of which the man can be seen melted more butter using the same fire torch, giving it the added smoky and buttery touch. You can watch the video here.  

Isn’t that quite fascinating? From fire dosa to fire pan, the street food vendors are going all out to offer something out of the box. How would you rate this loaded, cheesy and buttery omelette. Do let us know. And if all of this made you crave hot, homemade omelettes, here’s the perfect recipe for you.