Viral: This Delhi Vendor’s ‘Veg Fish’ Has Left Netizens Muddled

Would you like to have a bite of ‘veg fish’? A street food vendor in Delhi is serving it, and needless to say, both vegetarians and non-vegetarians are quite muddled. We are just inching toward the end of the first month of 2022, but many would agree that we have already seen enough of the weird food trends on the internet for the year. 

From kebab golgappe to chocolate pulav, bizarre food has left netizens not wanting for more. But hang on, we have found another food trend that is both confusing and fascinating at the same time - the ‘veg fish’. Take a look at the video:

We all agree that the dish looks exactly as it is named. And we surely can’t deny that this is one of the most creative, yet outlandish food trends that we have come across in recent times. The clip was uploaded on Instagram a few days ago by a food blogger who goes by the name - username@foodie_incarnate. The vendor in the video is seen frying a fish-shaped cutlet dipped in a red cornflour mixture, coated in corn flakes. The cutlet is made using soya to create mock meat and is deep-fried for a similar texture to fish. 

The food blogger himself is a vegetarian and his review of the ‘veg fish’ appealed to his audience too. The video has gathered around 393k views and 39k likes so far and the comments section is filled with responses from netizens who are confused and amused at the same time.

The blogger mentioned that the food item is sold by a vendor in East Delhi at Khanna Tandoori Junction, who is selling one portion of ‘veg fish’ for Rs 250. Many have commented that the price is way too much for the dish, and one could actually buy fish for the same amount.

If you too are fascinated and amused enough to try this ‘veg fish’, head to East Delhi right now.