Viral: This Bun Gulab Jamun From Kasauli Has Divided Netizens
Image Credit: Narinder Sweets is famous for bun gulab jamun

Sweet and savoury—both flavours have their unique places in our hearts. Some dishes are meant to be sweet and enjoyed that way, while others are savoury in nature, and we truly appreciate the taste of them when they are authentic. But nowadays, there are so many fusion food options available at high-end restaurants as well as from street vendors. The lines between sweet and savoury dishes are blurring. Recently, we have seen many shops sell things like rasgulla chaat, chocolate momo, or fruit dosa. And now, we have gulab jamun bun from Kasauli.

Unlike the other dishes that we have mentioned, bun gulab jamun It's not a new experiment, by any means. It has been a hot selling item in Kasauli for many years, and it definitely has a long queue of people who love having it. But along with the fans come the haters, and understandably so, as bun gulab jamun does sound like an odd combination.

Credits - Amit Neha family vlog

In a video that has now gone viral on Twitter as well as YouTube, bun gulab jamun has become a hot topic of discussion. An innovation of the famous Narinder Sweet House on Mall Road, it is actually loved by the locals and tourists. The shop’s famous gulab jamuns, enjoyed by stalwarts like Khushwant Singh once upon a time, are used to make this typical burger. The bun is lathered with sweet syrup or chashni from the gulab jamun, and then the sweet is used as a filling for the burger buns. Then, this gulab jamun burger is toasted on a tawa in ghee and served hot after being cut into four clean pieces.

While people on the internet are not very enthusiastic about this burger, those who have tried it are of the opinion that it is indeed good! Well, if you have an open mind and would like to keep your prejudice for only cheesy, savoury burgers aside, you can try out bun gulab jamun at Narinder Sweet House!