Viral: This Bizarre Egg Popcorn Recipe Has Netizens Super Confused

For me going for a movie means grabbing a tub of popcorn before the movie starts. It is like an unspoken rule that my friends and family know very well about. And thankfully, there go-to movie snack too is popcorn. Popcorn is undeniably one of the most popular movie snacks across the world. Such is the popularity of the snack that it now comes in a range of flavours. The love for popcorn led to many culinary experiments which gave us everything from cheese to caramel to chocolate popcorn. While my go-to is the classic butter popcorn, cheese popcorn stands right behind it. However, not every experiment with the bite-sized snack can hit the right chord, right? In fact, some of these experiments could be outright bizarre. And we found one such experiment that has definitely left the netizens super confused.

Would you try an egg-flavoured popcorn? Yes, you read that right. In a video, uploaded by @scottsreality_ on Instagram, we can see corn kernels being cooked in an egg and minutes later popcorn is ready to be served. The video has gone viral with over 4 million views and about 162k likes but people still can’t believe how egg can be used to flavour popcorn. Egg is one ingredient that is used in everything from curries, desserts to even certain cocktails, but popcorn is a new one. “Another edible food you guys have begged me to do, would you eat this?” Scott wrote in the caption. Take a look:

“I would like to see the guy who begged him to do this” wrote one user in the comments of the video. “No popcorns from now”, said another. What do you think about this unusual combination?  

Instagram blogger @scottsreality is known for cooking many such bizarre things. In fact, in one of his videos, he tried to deep fry an entire book! He coated a book in batter then deep-fried it till it was golden brown. Don’t believe us? Have a look yourself.

And while if you think egg popcorn is a tad too much for you, we’ve got three different popcorn recipes that are absolutely delicious and experimental. From chilli sugar to blue cheese one, we’ve got the best ones right here.

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