Viral: This Aligarh Street Food Receives Backlash From Netizens; Here’s Why
Image Credit: Image: Instagram @gareebpanda

Indians love street food to no end. The scores of street food stalls in every city are proof to that. Not just the number of stalls, but the variety of foods sold by the vendors cater to palates of all kinds in the country. Be it the spicy tangy golgappas or the scrumptious, crispy bread pakodas. And not to forget, the delicious varieties of chaats, Indians take their street food very seriously. And perhaps this love and obsession is the reason why we most often ignore the most basic requirement that any food vendor must have – hygiene. While all the street food that we indulge in or love so much is undoubtedly yummy, but more often we turn blind eye to the environment it is made in. The way the street food is cooked, served and stored is a matter of concern and seems like the reactions on a viral Instagram Reel has bought it to limelight. 

In a recently uploaded video, content creator Virat Raghav, on his Instagram handle @gareebpanda, showcases the famous Barule Chaat- a beloved street food from parts of UP like Aligarh and Agra. The chaat is a flavourful mélange of potatoes, spices and herbs. The potatoes are marinated in a specific way, wherein they are first fried in oil and kept aside, cut into smaller chunks, and re-fried for the extra crunch. It is finally seasoned with dried spices like chaat masala and drizzled with green chutney right before serving. Take a look at the video here: