Viral: This 1.5 Ft Long Bahubali Egg Roll Of Nashik Is Stunning Netizens

Indian street food is one of the most vibrant one in the world. With chaats to momos, chole-bhature to crispy samosas, Indian street food offers a wide variety of deliciousness. If you explore, you will find no dearth of varieties in street foods across the country. In fact, every state and region have something unique to offer. Be it Dilli ki chaat, Mumbai’s sev puri, Bengali alu'r chop and so much more. And then there are some popular food options that go viral- whether for a unique ingredient, recipe or for its appearance. Some are unique and an absolute treat to the taste buds, while some are simply bizarre. Remember chocolate chai or chocolate maggi? Now in a latest round of viral foods, an egg roll has gone viral. Not for any unique ingredients or bizarre combination but for its humongous size. Eggs fried on paratha and stuffed with ketchup, masala and veggies, egg roll is super tempting to a foodie. Its popularity can be defined by the multiple variations people do with an egg roll. While some add chicken or mutton chunks to it, some experiment with the sauces. In a latest viral egg roll recipe, it is the gigantic size that has taken people by surprise. The egg roll features 3 double egg rolls in one huge one. Yes, you read that right. 

Shared by food bloggers Vivek and Ayesha on their Instagram handle '@eatographers', the gigantic roll is sold in Nashik. It includes six eggs, chicken keema, chicken masala, onion, ketchup and different types of condiments. The video begins by the street vendor breaking the six eggs on to a huge, flattened dough of paratha rolled out on a tawa He cooks it and then start to spread over the ketchup, keema, chicken masala, mayonnaise and other ingredients over it. He ends the stuffing with a generous grating of cheese, and starts to roll it and serve it folded in an aluminum foil.  

As per the video, the roll is 1.5ft long and is priced at 300 INR. It is called 'Bahubali Roll', quite apt, isn’t it? No wonder, it is also considered the biggest roll in Nashik. Take a look at the video of 'Bahubali roll':

People were stunned to see the size of the roll and were pretty impressed with the stuffing too. “Itna protien” wrote one user, while another said “Bhai ye khane ke liye hey ya ladae karne ke liye hey (Is it to eat or to fight?)”.  

Will you try this humongous Bahubali roll? Let us know.