Viral: The Internet Is In Awe Of This Stop-Motion Video On Waffle Making
Image Credit: Netizens are surprised at the sheer attention to detail and precision of the process. Image: Screenshot from Instagram @Andreaanimates

We know that the world of art knows no boundary. An imaginative mind can create anything, anywhere. It isn’t just the art on walls or paper but also on your plate. Cooking, too, is an art and we have seen many talented people express their creativity through food in recent times. 

Be it the hyper-reality cakes that have been blowing everybody’s mind on the internet or the cute cappuccinos with creative foam on them, food art has been making us drool time and again. In one such instance, we have found an artist who is using an unusual thing to make food come to life and the content has gone viral. Take a look at this video:

The clip has the artist recreating the complete process of making waffles at home, using wool. Yes, that’s right. Netizens are surprised at the sheer attention to detail and precision with which she enacts the process. The artist, who goes by the name of ‘andreaanimates’ on Instagram, is a stop-motion film director, animator and fibre artist. In this particular video of waffle-making, she first applies wool-made butter to the wool-made waffle maker, where even the process of melting the butter on the waffle maker is shown using wool flawlessly.  

Next, the wool-made batter is poured into the waffle maker and sealed to let it cook, just like we make waffle in the kitchen. And the most beautiful and unbelievable part is where even the steam of the cooking waffle is also shown realistically using just wool. No wonder the video has garnered over 6 million views and more than 370k likes. 

Several people commented on her videos appreciating the art. "This is such a seamless transition. I watched it twice without realising it had even ended," a comment read. Another person wrote, "Your videos make me happy". A user said, "I can NOT IMAGINE how long it took you just to make those tiny waffles!!" 

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