Viral: Surat’s Hara Bhara Paratha Is Becoming All The Rage On Internet, Seen It Yet?
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Surat is known for a variety of unique street foods like Ponk, a tender green jowar that is husked and smoked before it is served with lemon and sev.  The winter street food became a viral sensation after chef Saransh Goila spoke about it in one of his Instagram posts. It seems like another street food delicacy of Surat is creating waves on the internet and it sure looks like a vision. The Hara Bhara Paratha of Shiv Sai Stall of Indore was captured by the popular YouTube channel India Eat Mania, and the video has clocked more than 2.6 million views in less than two weeks.  

The stuffing of the Hara Bhara Paratha is made with a combination of veggies and cheese. To make the paratha, the woman who runs the stall shows how she makes the stuffing. To make the stuffing she takes a huge mixing bowl, in which she adds finely chopped capsicum, cabbage, schezwan chutney, grated paneer, grated cheese, red chilli powder, salt, and other masalas, and heaps of chopped coriander. She mixes everything well using her hands. Once the stuffing is nicely mixed, she keeps it aside. She pulls the atta and rolls it flat, and in the centre, she places the mixture and seals the atta from all the edges to make a giant dumpling. And then she runs her rolling pin or belan over the dumpling to roll it flat. Once it is nice and flat, she places it on a well-greased tawa. The paratha is cooked on both sides until it is slightly brown, an inch of salted butter is also added to the paratha and the paratha is further roasted until both the sides are brown and crisp. The paratha is cut in eight pieces radially and opened up like a blooming flower. It is further topped up with loads and loads of grated cheese, and served with green pudina chutney.  Watch the complete video here. 

The comments section is abuzz with a range of reactions, while some found the paratha super tempting, “looks so delicious”, “looks hygienic”, were some of the comments, however, some people couldn’t understand need for so much cheese. “Cheese be like...kabhi kabhi to lagta hai apun hi bhagwan hai (at times it seems like I am God)”, read a comment, which was a play on the popular Sacred Games dialogue by Nawazuddin Siddique. 

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