Viral: Roohafza Chai Has Left The Netizens In Shock

Chai has to be one of the most loved beverages in India, the one that perhaps unites us all.  Be it in the evening after a long day at work or right in the morning to get us energised, a cup of chai can do wonders no matter what time is it. Sipping on a hot cup of tea on a cold evening is the ultimate comfort for most of us, isn’t it? Paired with a crispy snack on the side, I can honestly spend all my evening with chai in one hand. Perhaps, it is the love for the beverage that has led to many culinary enthusiasts experiment with it too. While some have been refreshing, others have been simply bizarre, tried chocolate chai yet? For instance, in a latest tryst with tea, a street-side vendor in Delhi is selling roohafza tea and a food blogger decided to try it. But what the food blogger did after trying out the tea may shock you. 

In the short Instagram video, uploaded by @Chatore_brothers, we see the street vendor making the gulabi roohafza tea from scratch. He first makes chai, adds milk, and top it with roohafza, simmer for a while and serve hot. The food blogger tries it out and as soon as he sipped the roohafza chai, he threw it right away on the road as he found it so bad. His expression says it all. Take a look:

 The video has garnered over 4 million views and more than 170k likes. The comments section too was filled with mixed reactions from people. While some viewers were utterly shocked to see this weird combination, and weren’t exactly thrilled to see roohafza being added to their beloved chai. Others found the blogger's behaviour quite disturbing. One person commented, "Wasting food for views? and here there are people not getting food and water to drink." Others pointed out how the blogger was not only wasting the food he was also littering the street besides disrespecting food by behaving like this - "what so ever you shouldn't have thrown it like that, that's an absolute disrespect". 

While the tea may have tasted bad, but is it ok to react the way the blogger did? What do you thinkof the weird combination? Let us know.