Viral Picture Of White Pomegranate Seeds Leaves Twitter In Splits

We have all grown up hearing about fruits and their magical healing properties and miraculous health benefits. But what do you do when these fruits tend to appear a bit... ‘suspicious’? A picture of white pomegranate seeds has gone viral on the internet. In India, and even across the world, pomegranate arils are mostly deep red in colour. These juicy, and sweet arils are added in salads, juice, smoothies and even raita and biryani. Not only are they a treasure of nutrients, but they also add a nice pop of colour to the dishes they are added to. The viral picture of the white pomegranate seeds shared by @bengalikudi on twitter has scarred many and have also proved to be a good fodder for jokes (pun intended).  

The user wrote on the picture shared, ““Yeh kaisa anaar hai, isko khud khoon ki zaroorat hai (what kind of a pomegranate is this, it itself needs blood)”.  

Pomegranate seeds are known to improve blood circulation in the body, it appeared that the user wasn’t aware that both white and red arils are as effective. It is just a certain pigment that gives certain arils a deep colour while some remain white, but that does not affect their nutritional profile greatly.  

Reacting to the hilarious tweet, a user (@casual_abhigyyan wrote) “Who said it's Anaar and not Anameia Yaar”

While another user (@anshu93sharma) wrote “Makeup remove kardo uska(remove its makeup).

Several tweeters did seem to know about this variant of pomegranate too and tried to defend it on the micro-blogging site. “White pomegranate are softer than those of the red variety. White pomegranates offer a super sweet taste and have the highest sugar levels and the lowest acidity.” wrote a user @Meerub02699898

Have you ever tasted the white arils of a pomegranate? How did you like it?