Viral: Pastry Pakoda Is The Latest One To Leave Netizens Cringing
Image Credit: Image: Screenshot from Instagram Reel by 'wannabefoodie69’

If you are a foodie and are also active on social media, you would be well aware of the countless bizarre food experiments that make the rounds among India’s street food vendors across India. Be it the masala dosa ice cream, Fanta Maggi or chocolate biryani, there is simply no way you can escape these quirky food combinations. While some people cringe at even the thought of it, others have the courage to try it. The latest to join the bandwagon of cringe-worthy food combinations is ‘pastry pakoda’. Yes, you read that right, and a blogger seemed to have tried it too. His reaction tells it all. 

In a video shared on Instagram by blogger Sarthak Jain on his official handle ‘wannabefoodie69’, a street food vendor can be seen making a pakoda out of creamy, soft and chocolatey pastry. The video clip starts with showing a plate full of two chocolate sauce laced pastry, topped with dainty chocolate chips, which is then added to a bowl full of besan batter. It is completely slathered in the batter, and put in a wok of hot oil for deep frying. Sounds cruel, isn’t it? The street vendor then takes out the crispy pastry pakodas, breaks it a little to show us the pastry inside, following which it is served to the blogger. He takes the first bite and immediately spits it out. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the video:


Well, when the thought of chocolate pastry pakoda is chilling enough, imagine tasting it. The video has raked in over 295k views already in a day, with more than 7k likes and hundreds of comments. Clearly, netizens are struggling to believe that such a thing can exist. “The abomination!” wrote a user, while another said, “This world is gonna end soon.” Some users were also concerned about the sheer wastage of food since the blogger threw up. A user wrote, “Just want to know out of curiosity… Why just for filming content you guys first ask the other person to make this unwanted stupid thing? If you have asked them to make it make sure you finish it too instead of wasting food… You know you could have given the pastries to poor those who really need them instead of turning it into some fritter and tasting in sec and throwing it away (sic).”  

What do you think about the latest bizarre combination of pastry and pakoda? Let us know. And if you are craving authentic pakodas now, we’ve got a perfect bread pakoda recipe for you.