Viral: ‘Pastry Maggi’ Is The Latest Weird Food Combination To Disappointment Netizens
Image Credit: Image: Freepik

Most of us have fond memories of noshing on Maggi noodles during our school and college days when the spicy masala made us drool. Some of us also remember it as a rescuer in our hostel days when we would be up all night to study or finish pending assignments. Even today, Maggi is one of the most popular go-to dishes for a quick and delicious meal. However, it has also become the most experimental food in recent times. 

It has been subjected to unusual, often bizarre, experiments by many food enthusiasts and street food vendors, which are further popularised on social media. Remember ‘Roohafza Maggi’, ‘Mango Maggi’ and ‘Fanta Maggi’? Forget watching the videos, even the mere mention of these have made netizens cringe. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s a new Maggi-based recipe that is bothering people on Twitter, of late. 

‘Pastry Maggi’ is the latest invention that is doing the rounds on the internet, where one whole chocolate pastry is added to the pan to cook Maggi with! Cringing already? Wait till we show you the video. 

Shared on Twitter by user @aokeasha, the video shows how a street vendor makes the bizarre Maggi. And the process is making us cringe more. First, a slice of chocolate pastry is added to a pan, then water is poured over it and the pastry is crushed. When the water starts boiling, Maggi is added along with the seasoning that comes with the Maggi pack. When cooked, it develops a dark brown colour from the chocolate pastry instead of the usual yellow colour.  

Take a look:


Well, we don’t know about you but we are super disappointed. And Twitter users too are in shock. After watching this video, users were quick to reply with comments like “I'm done with people doing this to maggi- I'm DONE WHAT IS THIS?? WHY ARE PEOPLE COMMITING SUCH CRIMES?? THE WORLD IS SUCH A SCARY PLACE. GONNA WASH MY EYES WITH ACID NOW BRB”.

 And then there were some users who offered some of the strangest suggestions to make things worse:

"Zeher (Poison) Maggi next and I'll make it"  

"Next banegi dettol + surf Maggi jisse hum khaenge" (Next will be Dettol+Surf Maggi that we'll eat).   

Someone replied to this and suggested adding Harpic also. And another user offered to add cement as garnish! Well, experiments like this led to harsh reactions, and we don’t blame Twitterati for such strong reactions.  

After watching this if you are thinking of how to get over it, we have some amazing, delicious Maggi recipes you can make at home. Nothing bizarre, no extreme experiments, just some yummy ingredients put together. Cheese Maggi, Maggi Pizza, Maggi Pulav, Maggi Patties and more, these Maggi recipes are sure to change your mood. Click here for full recipes.