Viral: Odisha Woman Makes Rotis On Car Bonnet Amid Soaring Temperature, Netizens React
Image Credit: In the video, you can see that the roti was actually cooked on a car due to the scorching heat. Image: Twitter

With temperatures rising every year amid global warming, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for people to bear the heat during summers. This time too it’s no different as many parts of India are in the grip of a heatwave, with temperatures increasing to as high as 40 degrees Celsius every day. And it’s not limited to the big cities in the northern and central parts of the country. Even smaller towns and cities that generally do not experience so much heat during the summer months are getting warmer this year. On a lighter note, the heatwave has triggered a meme fest on the internet. Even the joke that one could cook a whole meal outside in the heat has been making the rounds. We may laugh at it, but have you ever thought what if this actually comes true? That’s exactly what happened recently. Unbelievable, right? A woman in Odisha was seen making rotis on a car bonnet! Yes, you read that right. 

In a video, originally made by a local news channel in the state and uploaded on Twitter by @nilamadhabpanda, we can see a woman standing near a car with chakla, belan and wheat dough to make the rotis. Standing in the blazing heat, the woman is seen making round rotis on the car's bonnet itself. Once that process is complete, she puts the roti on the vehicle and bakes it! Not just that, you can even see her flipping the roti to cook it from the other side. In the minute-long video, you can see that the roti was actually cooked on a car due to the scorching heat. Take a look at the video here:

Shocked? So are the netizens as the video has garnered over 83k views and also has several comments.  Many people have expressed their views and also shared their own experiences of the hot weather. One person said, "Yesterday, my hand got burnt when I was moving my bike in the shade from sunlight." Another person said, "I think it's better to get a solar cooker. It's very easy to cook within minutes, not to wait for hours to cook." Some others also laughed at the video. Licipriya Kangujam, a climate activist from Manipur, also reacted to the video and wrote, "Congratulations India! Finally, we can make roti on the car bonnet." 

Other reactions aside, one video that another user shared in the comments stood out. A user replied to the video by showing how someone made dosa on a scooter's seat too! The user @chittapanda, shared a video of a man pouring some dosa batter from a vessel on the scooter's seat. Then the man in the video waits for some time and flips the dosa to cook it from the other side. Take a look:


Well, as funny as it may sound, it is better to not try the experiment ourselves and stay indoors amid the heatwave that has been predicted for several states and UTs. And also cook all your rotis and dosas at home itself! Craving a dosa already? Click here for some amazing dosa recipes.