Viral: Nutritionist Selling Fresh Homemade Food In Mumbai Wins Hearts
Image Credit: 55-year-old Dr. Sunita, has been running the food stall for the past 30 years. Image: @the_temptaionally

We are all fond of street food. From chaats to chole chawal, Indians love to devour a plateful from street-side vendors. Be it for the drool-worthy flavour or the exceptionally low price, street-side food is for the win. While when speaking of street food, we may only think of all the chatpata food and bizarre combinations that are currently taking the internet by storm, there are certain street foods that are fresh, homemade and prepared by a dietitian. 

In a recent tale of street food vendors, we came across a doctor who could be seen making and selling fresh homemade dishes on the streets of Mumbai. Sounds a bit surprising, doesn't it? 

In the past two years, we have come across many inspiring tales of street food vendors selling food to support their family or the heart-breaking stories about how they need to earn enough to make ends meet. But in the case of this woman doctor who sells fresh homemade food, there’s nothing like that. Intrigued? Read on. 

You might be now thinking what made this doctor sell homemade fresh food. In a video shared on Instagram by food blogger @the_temptaionally, he tells us that 55-year-old Dr. Sunita, has been running the food stall in Borivali East, Mumbai, for the past 30 years along with her husband. A nutritionist and dietician by profession, she follows the philosophy that anyone can handle four jobs, so she runs a food stall along with her profession. 

The short video shows her working in the food stall, wherein you can see her standing behind a table and having containers full of food in front of her. Her thali costs only ₹40 and includes a wholesome meal of dal, rice, roti, sabzis, puris, pickle and papad. Take a look at the full video here:

Isn’t that amazing? Not only is the stall an affordable place to eat for those who can’t afford much, but the food is also fresh, nutritious and tasty. The thali indeed is a whole meal with optimum nutrition packed into one. Ever since this video was shared, it has struck a chord with netizens as it has been viewed more than 330K times, and has over 19K likes and several comments from users appreciating her hard work. A user said, "Wow, as a Dietitian and Nutritionist this is inspiring me." Another user said, "She is so generous. She gives a lot of food that can easily fulfil a person's hunger." Someone also said, "What more can anyone ask for?", while another person added, "Very nice, salute to you." A lot of people asked for the location of the stall, which the blogger also mentioned in the video. Many people have also said that the food looks delicious. A person said, "The food looks tasty." Someone even added, "Delicious!" 

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