Viral: Nagpur Street Vendor’s Cheese Pani Puri Has Netizens Cringing
Image Credit: Image: Freepik

Let’s just agree that chaats and street food inadvertently reminds one of golgappas. No matter what you call it, from golgappa, panipuri to puchka or gup chup, it just goes on to prove how much we love this street food! While we all will agree that we can never get enough of that spicy pani filled in the puris, gol gappas are otherwise super versatile and allow us to make them in our own way. This has given rise to the number of experiments by culinary enthusiasts. Some experiments are irresistibly delicious, but some are outright bizarre. For instance, would you ever try your pani puri's pani with a mix of cheese? Well, believe it or not, this exists. A street vendor is actually serving cheese pani puris, and internet is already unhappy. 

In a video uploaded by Instagram food vlogger @food_o_logu_nagpur, we can spot a street vendor adding cheese to the pani puri's pani. The video begins with the street vendor opening a whole packet of a block of cheese. He then starts to shred the cheese on top of about five containers filled with pani puri's pani. In the video, the blogger asks the vendor, "What are you adding?" the vendor replies, "Cheese ja rahi hai, kisi ko batana mat (I am adding cheese, please don't tell anyone.) Take a look at the video here: