Viral: Mumbai’s Fried Noodles Bhel Is Winning The Internet, Seen It Yet?
Image Credit: Pixabay

Fewer things can bring us as much joy as well-made street food. After a series of horrendous food experiments that we have seen surface online, think: Fanta maggi, momo ice cream, masala dosa ice cream and nutella biryani, we think twice before clicking open any street food video now. But we seem to have finally landed on something that is essentially fusion food, but a tasteful attempt at that.  

When you think of bhel, you conjure an image of puffed rice tossed together with chopped onions, green chillies, tomatoes and sev. And for most part of India, this is how bhel is made. It is an easy-peasy snack that can be fixed in five minutes and satiate your cravings in no time. But the Indian street food scene is bustling with vendors who are willing to explore and experiment. A video posted on YouTube by popular YouTube channel ‘Aamchi Mumbai’ is going viral for featuring an interesting delicacy. The dish called fried noodles bhel, combinees, fried crispy noodles, manchurian, vegetables and sauces in such a fashion that you will start to drool by just looking at it. The video has clocked in close to half a million views within just a week of going live.

To make the bhel, the vendor heats oil in a large cauldron, to which he adds boiled noodles. Since the oil is hot, the noodles start to sizzle immediately. In the cauldron, we also see that the noodles stick together and form a large oval shape. The vendor tosses and turns the noodles multiple times until they are nicely fried and ultra-crisp. Once they are light brown they are transferred in a bucket. Post this the vendor takes to another pan. In the hot pan he adds some chopped spring onions, capsicum, white onions and chopped cabbage. Next to follow are some fried manchurian balls, which he breaks in half. He fries the Manchurian with veggies,  tossing and turning it over occasionally. Then in the same pan, he adds the fried noodles that he had kept aside, then he adds some soy sauce, chilli sauce, some more spring onions and oil and fries everything together on high heat. Since the noodles are super crisp, they are broken using the same spoon that he is using to fry everything. The noodles, Manchurian balls, vegetables and sauces are mixed together until everything is well-combined, colourful and tempting.  

The comments section is buzzing with people wo want to try the dish right away. What are your thoughts on the same, do let us know.