Viral: Move Over Momo Ice Cream, Chole Bhature Ice Cream Roll Is Baffling The Internet Now
Image Credit: Image: Screenshot from Instagram Reel by ghantagram_memes

I remember the time when the first lockdown was imposed in the country, in the wake of the first wave of Coronavirus. Amid those difficult times, my mother saw the isolation period as a blessing in disguise because I was finally entering the kitchen to cook food. Something that went beyond making Maggi or boiled egg or simply a sandwich. Out of sheer boredom or to join the ‘lockdown cooking’ trends on Instagram, I prepared arhar dal for everyone at home. And although I had picked the right dal and followed the recipe correctly, it still somehow didn’t come out very well. Why? Because I added sugar to it, instead of salt. I know it’s a silly mistake, but an honest one when both looked alike to me, stored in similar containers. 

Well, my first attempt in the kitchen was indeed a failure. But I’ve come a long way now. You know what still doesn’t tend to go away? Viral food experiments, combining all things sweet with our favourite savoury treats. Momo ice cream roll, dhokla ice cream roll, pastry pakoda, dosa ice cream and what not! The list just doesn’t end. And if that wasn’t enough, chole bhature has been added to the list too now. Yes, that’s correct. 

In a latest video shared by an Instagram user, ghantagram_memes, chole bhature is turned into an ice cream roll. No, we aren’t kidding. The Instagram Reel begins with the vendor crushing bhatura into small bits and top it with chole. What happens next is sure to pinch every chole bhature lover. He tops it with ice cream and what looks like white cream. Mix it well, crush it all together and roll it into an ice cream. That’s not all, he even tops it with green chilli and pickles while serving. Take a look at the unbelievable video here:

 While I accidentally added sugar instead of salt to my arhar dal, I didn't know it would all soon be a trend. As soon as the blogger tried the unique dish, he seemed to have regretted it immediately as he was seen holding his head and even imitated to wipe his tears off. The video was posted a day ago and has already 240k views with over 11k likes and hundreds of comments. The users had all sorts of disapproving reactions to the video. One user wrote, “STOP RUINING FAV FOOD (sic)”, while another user said, “I might prefer to die than eat chole bhature flavoured ice cream (sic).” A host of funny responses too made their way to the comments section. One user said, “We don't really need covid..these weird things are enough (sic).” Another comment read, “It is time… Execute order 66 (sic).” 

 What do you have to say about this bizarre combination? Let us know. Meanwhile, if you are hoping to make chole bhature, here are some tips to ace bhatura at home.