Viral: Medu Vada Sandwich Leaves The Internet Divided
Image Credit: Image: Screengrab from Instagram Reel by @burpaffairs

Indian cuisine is an amalgamation of different regional cuisines but what really binds it all is the Indian street food. It is the street food where you can easily find a variety of chaats, rolls, momos and even south Indian treats. Didn’t you see schezwan dosa, cheese dosa, charcoal dosa, masala idli and so much more taking the internet by storm? This just goes on to prove how bizarre content is the one that most often catches the attention of many, leaving them in utter confusion. Talking about bizarre things; recently we came across a food combination that left many people surprised and shocked at the same time. Now, if you are thinking you've seen everything, wait for it. Allow us to introduce you to medu vada sandwich Yes, you read that right. Now you may think it might be just vadas sandwiched between slices of bread, but no. It is entirely different from what you can imagine.  

In a recent video uploaded by Instagram user @burpaffairs, we can see a street vendor making medu vada sandwiches. The video begins with the vendor preparing the vada batter and then deep-frying it to a crisp. Once they are done, he takes them out and divides the vada into two parts. And then he adds a layer of masala potato mash followed by spicy noodles in the middle of the vada, and finishes it with mayonnaise on top. Finally, he serves this vada with coconut chutney. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the video here: