Viral: McDonald’s Sprite Has Sparked A Meme Fest On Twitter
Image Credit: The Sprite at Mcdonald's was a subject of meme fest. Image: Pixabay

Fast food chains and restaurants often find themselves trending on the internet. Be it for their new launches or at the wrath of netizens for bizarre products. While some are hilarious, some trends are often bizarre themselves. One such recent trend of memes and posts on Twitter has got us quite curious. Point in case is McDonalds and the reason is the Sprite drink from its menu, which found itself among the top trends on Twitter. The light and refreshing soft drink from the fast-food chain is currently going viral on social media and nobody exactly knows why. According to a report by ComicBook, the exact reason as to why McDonald's Sprite has resurfaced online hasn’t been determined. Apparently, some people are saying that it tastes extremely different in comparison to other soft drinks served at the fast-food restaurant, some also say that it is highly energetic.  

The conversation around the same event even got a shoutout from the chain. Their official handles tweeted their own take on the memes circulating online. Take a look: 

Twitter users have been sharing a string of reactions about the beverage. Some said that the drink gave them an extra kick of energy, while some revealed how they did not like the excess amount of fizz in it. According to Mashed, the drink has even inspired a song dedicated to it. 

Take a look at some of the most hilarious memes and reactions:

As per some sources, a report by Spoon University tried to decode the real reason why the beverage may taste different and it has resulted in the meme fest. "McDonald's uses a higher ratio of syrup concentrate to carbonated water so that you get more of the delicious flavour you want. It also amps the sugar content up, making your body crave it more," said McDonald's management.

What did you think of this unusual yet interesting trend around McDonald's Sprite? Let us know.