Viral Masala Dosa Ice Cream Makes Internet Gasp In Horror
Image Credit: Shutterstock

The internet sure is a strange place, on days it can make your heart warm and fuzzy (think: cute puppy videos), and on days it just wants to make you toss your phone out. In the past couple of months, we have come across some bizarre food experiments on the streets like Momo Paratha and Fanta Maggi, yet it seems there is no stopping these street-side vendors who want to keep pushing the envelope, irrespective of the ‘Internet’s verdict’. One such cringeworthy combination that is going viral on the web right now is Masala Dosa Ice Cream. The video shared by food blogger @thegreatindianfoodie has clocked in more than 1.4 million views in just two days. The special Masala Dosa Ice Cream is a Delhi creation as mentioned in the caption and it has sure ruffled a few feathers across the country. The comments section is ranging from reactions hostile, and hilarious. The ice cream has not gone down too well with several YouTube creators like comedian Nishant Suri and poet Yahya Bootwala, who reshared the video on their stories to express their disgust.  

Here’s how the rolled ice cream is actually made. Masala Dosa, a savoury, thin crepe comprising a spicy potato mixture is cut, chopped, and probed using two blade-like spoons until it turns into a smooth mixture that can be spread across the flat pan in a super thin layer. A scoop of Vanilla Ice cream is then mixed up with the smoothened Masala Dosa until both of them combine in a homogenous mixture of Masala Dosa and Vanilla Ice cream. The mixture is spread across the flat pan and thin layers of ice cream are rolled out and placed in a plastic, disposable plate. The ice cream is finally served with a garnish of the masala (spiced, mashed potatoes), of the masala Dosa.  

Squirming on your seats yet? Well, the torment does not end here, the street food is served with the side of the stellar South Indian tomato and coconut chutney.  Have a look.

“Ab ye mat poochna sambhar ka kya hua (now don’t ask what happened to the sambhar)”, the creator @thegreatindianfoodie wrote in the comments. And it is genuinely least of our concerns right now.  

"Ye kya hai, isey dekhkr toh omicron b bhaag jayega (what is this?! Watching this even omicron would turn on its head), read one of the top-liked comments.  

The infuriated comments didn’t stop here, one user suggest making a sandwich out of the chutneys too “chatni ki b ice cream bna dete”, the comment read.  

‘Rajma chawal ice cream’ and ‘chole bhature ice cream’ were few other combibations suggested in the comments section, a user wrote that the maker of this ice cream should try making these ice creams and eat it himself.

What are your thoughts on the ice cream. Would you reject it straight up, or have a bite at least before judging? Do let us know.