Viral: Khandvi And Dhokla Ice Cream Roll Is Latest To Disappoint Netizens
Image Credit: Image: Screenshot from Instagram Reel by 'The Great Indian Foodie’,

In the recent years, if there’s one food trend that doesn’t seem to end, it has to be of the bizarre food combinations that everyone from street side vendors to restaurants can’t get enough of. From biryani, dosa to Maggi, pakodas and momos, all your favourite foods have seen the wrath of ‘bizarre experiments’ over time and while you recover from chocolate strawberry sandwich or gulab jamun samosa, a new food combo will come up in no time. Remember momo ice cream roll? Now while you are still in shock of something as bizarre as that, another video of a man from Delhi making ice cream rolls with dhokla and khandvi has gone viral online. And no, we are not kidding. Shared on Instagram by a page called ‘The Great Indian Foodie’, the video has definitely left netizens super disappointed. Take a look:

In the now-viral video, the vendor can be seen making ice cream rolls with Gujarati snacks dhokla and khandvi as the base. He starts with the dhokla version wherein he crushes the soft and spongy snack to bits and adds dollops of vanilla ice cream to it. He blends the two together in the way rolled ice cream is made. Next, he rolls out of the concoction and adds them to a plate with dhokla placed below and ice cream rolls on top. Before serving, he garnishes the rolls with a piece of the Gujarati snack and a green chilli. He repeats the same process with khandvi as well to make khandvi ice cream rolls. 

After being posted online, the video garnered more than 190k views in just two days, and more than 6k likes. The video has definitely left netizens fuming and the comments section of the post is a proof of the same. “RIP dhokla,” a user commented while another said, “Kuch to respect rakho cuisine ki (Have some respect for a cuisine).” A user even wrote how this should be charged with sedition, “SEDITION charges lagne chahiye” said the comment. Some even used sarcasm and asked “where’s cheese?” pointing to the fact how every second bizarre food combination these days has cheese in it.  

What do you think about the weird new combination? If you are missing the good old classic dhokla after watching this, here’s how you can make it at home.