Viral: Idli Vending Machine In Bengaluru Surprises Netizens
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock/Twitter

Technology and food have now started to come together in many innovative ways. And looking at the pace with which the two are rapidly converging, it wouldn't be a surprise to see robot chefs in the kitchen soon (although we already have pizza-making machines in place). Speaking of the latest, news about a robotic serving system has gone viral on social media, and foodies can’t keep calm. Bengaluru recently installed an interesting idli machine in the city that serves fresh idlis 24x7. No wonder, this has become the talk of the town, as a video of it surfaced on Twitter, and foodies seem to be quite surprised. Take a look:

 Shared by user @padhucfp, the video of the ‘idli ATM’ seems to have been originally shot by a Bengaluru-based food blogger. "Idli ATM in Bangalore", he wrote in the caption. The clip, which has garnered over 529k views and thousands of comments since it was shared, shows how hot and fresh idlis are made, packaged, and delivered through a vending machine in less than a minute. 

In the video, the blogger explained how the vending machine is part of an experience store of a food brand in Bengaluru. All you need to do is place the order by scanning the application code and paying online. The online menu includes Idlis, vada, and even podi idli. After you place the order, you can see your idli being prepared, put in recyclable packaging, and served along with chutney from another smaller machine on the side. All this happens in just a matter of minutes. The blogger in the video also revealed how it tastes. Apparently, it’s really good! 

Netizens were surprised to see the interesting innovation of the idli vending machine. Some people felt that this is an excellent technology to ensure round-the-clock food availability for all, and should be available for free. "Put these in public places for free where people need food the most", commented one user, while few others felt that this is unnecessary, and that the same time and money can be spent in a more productive manner. "It's the easiest to make at home (and I am sick of it). Why go to an idli vending machine for this", asked one user. A few others also expressed their concern over the quality and taste of the idlis, as well as the pricing. Take a look at the reactions: