Viral Idli Ice Cream: Bizarre Recipe Leaves Foodies Shocked

Social media is a home to several experiments, starting from thirty second dance videos to unique inventions inside the kitchen. The reach of the internet has created a platform for culinary experts to showcase their skills and talents to the audience, but not all of them are worth a try. You can find plenty of weird dishes and recipes on Instagram and YouTube that can bring tears to the eyes of foodies. 

From chocolate paratha, gujab jamun burger, Oreo pizza and maggi milkshake, these obnoxious food combos are just a few examples of weird experiments with your favourite delights. Another popular item that becomes a victim to this trend is ice cream. This frozen dessert has been combined with masala dosa, butter chicken, chillies, paan masala and even idli! 

Idli being the most recent combination with ice cream has spread a rage among the netzines. The video of a street vendor mixing ice cream with the classic South Indian breakfast has taken over the internet. However, idli is not the only victim here, the individual has also added your favourite chutneys and sambar as well to the ice cream. 

The original clip of this bizarre combination was posted on Instagram by a food vlogger named Sukrit Jain. The video starts with a street vendor chopping idli into tiny pieces. Next, he adds some red chutney, coconut chutney and sambar over it. Then, comes a big scoop of ice cream, which he puts over the idli. The vendor mixes all the ingredients properly and flattens on a cold plate. Finally, he plates the weird dish along with the garnishing of half an idli and some chutneys. 

The video has got more than 1 crore views, and 1 lakh likes since posted and people in the comment section are disgusted with this bizarre dish. An individual said, “Eww. Those who discover this should be arrested!” Another added, “Who said break up hurts more! Are mera idli [Ohh my idli].” “This is illegal!”, wrote the third another said, “Justice for idli.”