If 2020 was about learning the basics of cooking in our own kitchen as the first lockdown happened, 2021 was about discovering new, often bizarre, food experiments around the country. This year, we all have come across food fusions and experiments that have either shocked or surprised us, or sometimes, both. Be it chocolate chai, Fanta Maggi, Oreo pakodas, chocolate Maggi, and whatnot. Now before the year ends, there’s another addition to the list of bizarre food combinations that may shock you instead of surprise - samosa gulab jamun. Yes, you read that right. As weird as it may sound to you, it is a legit dish that has caught the attention of many on the internet, for obvious reasons.  

In an Instagram Reel shared by food bloggers Abhishek and Komal on their handle @thefoodiehat, we can see a cooked gulab jamun being placed in the middle of the samosa dough, ready to be fried. Then the vendor fries the samosa and serves it hot. The best part comes when the food blogger takes the first bite. His expression is enough to tell the audience about its flavour of gulab jamun samosa. Take a look at the video here:


Did you see his expression? He just couldn't take another bite after the first one. The reel has garnered over 4m views times and more than 150k likes with thousands of comments. And a majority of people are in splits after watching the food blogger’s reaction, while some are also disappointed with the combination of two of their most favourite foods. One user wrote, "There is a thin line between doing something unique and doing something pathetic." Another user wrote, "why would anyone destroy samosa with this.” “I never want to try this, @thefoodiehat's expressions were enough to tell about the taste" commented a user. Other than this, many people have also said a big 'no' to this samosa and have questioned if such food experiments will ever stop or not.  

Do you think it is high time such food experiments should stop? Will you try gulab jamun samosa? Let us know.