Viral Gulab Jamun Dosa Leaves Internet In Splits

The moment you hear dosa, an image of a crispy round flatbread served with hot piping sambar, flavourful coconut chutney, and tangy tomato chutney comes to mind. Add the filling of potatoes, and you can call it masala dosa. Add paneer, and it becomes paneer dosa. You can also experiment with the base. Instead of using rice and lentil batter, you can make it with rava, poha, or a variety of millet. However, this is as far as the imagination goes.

With the urge to go viral on social media, food enthusiasts have come up with weird combinations. It wasn’t enough that the internet was ruining noodles, idli, pizza, and paratha, people had to ruin dosa as well. Now you can see viral videos of gulab jamun dosa, Nutella dosa, ice cream dosa, and whatnot. What happened to authentic food? In India, where chefs and food enthusiasts have not been able to decide whether to call veg biryani a variant of biryani or pulao, some people want to grab attention by spreading just about anything on dosa.