Viral: Ahmedabad Tea Seller Sells Fruit Chai For Rs 200
Image Credit: @HasnaZarooriHai/Twitter

The reach of the internet has made it the biggest platform for people to express their opinions and showcase their talents. Every field including the food industry is using social media as a medium to support their business and gain new customers. You will find numerous videos of chefs and street vendors that are getting attention and appreciation for their unique dishes and culinary skills. 

There are plenty of food experiments also available on the internet. Some of those experiments get a lot of positive feedback from the users while the rest become a part of hilarious comments. Weird experiments usually include combining unrelated ingredients or foods to create a new dish or preparing some dish in a non-traditional way. Recently, a video went viral on social media, where an Ahmedabad tea seller is seen selling fruit tea worth ₹200 per cup. Here is the video. Take a look: 

Tea is not just a beverage for Indians, it’s an emotion. It is a ritual in many households to drink tea every day. This humble beverage is a traditional way to welcome the guests when they visit our house. We are also fond of sipping tea at the nearby “chai ki tapri” to relax for a moment from our busy lives and have a little chit chat. Made with milk, tea leaves and sugar, chai is suitable for every season. In this video, you can see a chaiwala preparing tea with fruits. He adds ripe banana and cheeku to his tea and sells it for ₹200. 

In the beginning, the chai he is preparing seems to the regular milk tea but then he adds a whole banana and pieces of cheeku to the saucepan. He leaves it to boil for moment and then serves in a paper cup. When asked about the high price, this chaiwala gives an explanation that his recipe is ‘exclusive’ and the ‘first in the world’ so it is worth it.  

The video was uploaded on twitter by an account @HasnaZarooriHai and has got more than 300k views. The tea seller calls himself IAS chaiwala and his shop is said to be located in Ahmedabad. Netizens are not able to accept this cruelty with their beloved tea and are pleading to him to leave chai alone. Tell us will you try this ₹ 200 fruit chai ever?