Viral: Fried Cheese As An ‘Easy Breakfast Recipe’ Cringes Netizens

Let’s just agree that a majority of the new generation is obsessed with cheese. Be it stuffing our sandwiches, pizzas and pastas with it for a creamy texture or experimenting with cheese for bizarre dishes- cheese dosa, cheese samosa, cheese maggi and much more. It is pretty clear that cheese enjoys a humungous fanbase, thanks to the wide variety of experiments home chefs and even street food vendors are found trying. But when an Instagram page uploaded a video of a cheesy dish it received more negative than positive comments. Want to know why? Well, the said video was uploaded by @channelfoods and featured what looked like a cheesy morning meal made by frying a whole block of cheese! Yes, you read that right. And this is exactly why cheese lovers were disappointed by this sacrilegious act. The original dish is created by @gzfoodqood and has been uploaded by the former on their food page. 

The video uploaded by @channelfoods showed the creator has taken a whole block of cheese, dipped in a flour batter, coated with crunchy cornflakes, and fried until crisp and golden. As soon as he pulls the fried cheese to take a bite, it explodes while melting in his hands. The video has already received 681k views and over 29k likes, with several comments. While the idea of melting cheese may have made some drool, the sheer quantity of fried cheese made many cringe. But what shocked most was the post’s caption along with the video which said "Easy Breakfast recipe". Take a look:

 The health concern about the amount of cheese was evident in the comments section. Many pointed out that this was too much even for cheese fanatics. "I love cheese but this made me sick" said a user while the other read "Heart attack on a plate", and another one read "Buddy tryna clog up an artery". "Heart Attack for breakfast, are you insane" and "Cholesterol- plugging up the system" and more such sentiments were echoed. 

Some users pointed out that it might be better to cut the cheese into smaller chunks. "That looks good tho. Make them small lol" read one comment. What do you think about fried cheese? Let us know.