Viral: Food Blogger Makes Golgappa Sandwich; The Internet Is Divided

Can’t say anything about anybody else but I cannot wrap a street food visit up without savouring a plate of tangy and flavourful golgappas. The crispy puris, flavourful masala and the tangy paani are enough to make my mood for the day. I has the same love for maggi till 2021 when the internet came up with bizarre food experiments with maggi starting from Fanta to chocolate maggi. After I saw these weird experiments with maggi, I made up my mind that I’ll stay away from the internet to save myself from these weird food experiments. I also hoped that the food bloggers will at least have some mercy over typical Indian street foods. But my heart was in pieces when I saw fire golgappa taking over the internet.

Recently, I saw a video on Instagram with two of my favourite street foods being combined and I was gobsmacked. A food blogger recently took to her Instagram handle and posted a video combining two of India’s most loved street foods- golgappa and sandwich. The video garnered over 182k views and was uploaded by blogger Anjali Dhingra who goes by the username @sooosaute.

The food blogger is seen stacking slices of bread with green chutney, onions and tomatoes in between them along with some aloo masala and crushed golgappa puris. After building the whole sandwich, she takes a big bite and says “It’s really good. You should try it out.” The video has gathered over 11k likes and some mixed reactions from the netizens. While most comments were from disgusted viewers, others were from people who are eager to try it. An Instagram user with the username @shireeeeen.pvt commented- “no. Let golgappa be golgappa” while another user with the username @workoutgetstrong commented- “Watching you eat makes me loose my appetite 🤢”.

Are you up for trying this golgappa sandwich at your home? Do let us know if you want to.