Viral: Fire Handi Dosa In Delhi Stuns Netizens; Seen Yet?
Image Credit: Image: Pixabay

My ideal breakfast buffet is often incomplete without staples like idli, dosa, sambhar, chutney and medu vada. Discussion on south Indian cuisine is of course incomplete without the mention of crispy and wholesome dosa. It tops the list for me every time we have a south Indian feast at home. The masaledaar flavours of the sambhar paired with the earthy and crispy dosa makes the foodie in me go weak in the knee every single time. And I think it’s the case with many foodies. Perhaps this is why there are so many street vendors selling dosa, and with so many variations. The dosas that are being served on the street are no ordinary dosas, they have gone through several experimentations to make unique dishes. Remember chocolate dosa or the much recent ice cream dosa? Now in one such latest street experiment in Delhi, we have found fire handi dosa, that has left the netizens amazed. Take a look:

 In a video shared by Instagram food blogger @oye.foodieee,  the street vendor begins with making an ordinary crispy dosa. He then goes on to add different toppings, such as tomatoes, onion, coconut chutney etc.  Now the vendor takes a whole block of butter and melts it over the dosa batter with the use of flame thrower. He mixes all of it well and top it with a generous amount of grated cheese, which he then caramelises. This carameslised mix of toppings is poured into a handi, topped with more melted butter and cheese. He then takes the dosa and place it on top of the handi, only to set it on fire again with the flamethrower. The video undoubtedly has garnered over 4 million views and more than 250k likes. As per the caption, this fire handi dosa can be found at Ayyer Ji Dosa in Geeta Colony, Delhi.

The comments section was ablaze with all sorts of reactions from the netizens. While some people were all hearts for this street dosa, others continued the debate of how street vendors are only bathing the food in cheese and butter. “That’s a theatrical show, not a kitchen!” wrote one user while another comment read “kitna makkham dalega bhai (how much butter would you add brother?).” 

What do you think about the Fire Handi Dosa? Would you try it? Let us know.