Viral: Ever Tried A KitKat Made With Skittles? This Experiment Is Genius
Image Credit: Image: Screengrab from Instagram video by @whathowhystudio

Growing up I binged way too much on Skittles. Remember those colourful button-shaped flavourful candies? I simply loved them. But what I also loved was the chocolatey KitKat. The crunch and crispy wafer bar of chocolate made me drool each time, but was allowed either Skittles or KitKat in a day. The choice is a tough one, isn’t it? But seems like my dreams of having both are coming true finally. Confused? Well, in a latest video going viral it is possible to have a KitKat edition of Skittles! Well, thanks to an Instagram page that has shown us how to get the best of both worlds, you can now enjoy the colourful fun of Skittles candies with the creamy and crunchy texture of KitKat.  

In a video, shared by the page ‘whathowhystudio', a person takes a bunch of Skittles in a bowl, and extracts their colours and flavours separately by mixing them with water. Then, he simply adds their colours to white chocolate. Next, he adds the coloured white chocolate in a KitKat-shaped mould, layered with plain molten white chocolate and thin wafer bars. This is frozen and brought out of the mould. 

The result is a colourful version of KitKat that we might have never imagined. From red, orange and yellow to green and blue, the colours are all equally layered over each bar of the chocolate. "Will it KitKat? Skittles" the caption on the video read. The video has garnered over 150k views and more than 19k likes in just 14 hours of its upload on Instagram. Take a look:

Netizens were super impressed with the unique, beautiful-looking experiment. “I’m flabbergasted that tasted good’ said one user while another wrote “i love that idea.” Besides this, the Instagram page is full of such wonderful ideas. And, interestingly food is at the centre of most experiments. In another video by the same blogger, we see how a slice of bread can slice a tomato into two halves or just sharpen anything and everything. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the video:

“Can you sharpen bread?” read the caption and then the man sharpens a slice of toasted bread on a knife-sharpening stone. He then scratches it on a hard surface to show a scratch mark followed by a slit on a sheet of paper with the slice of the bread. Thereafter, he slices a tomato into two halves by using just that bread slice like a knife. Amazing, isn’t it? 

What do you have to say about these experiments? Will you try the mix of KitKat and Skittles? Let us know.