Viral: Eating One Gol Gappa Here Can Win You 500 Rupees
Image Credit: Pixabay

Let’s admit it. Most of us are a little too proud of our ‘gol gappa appetite’. Now, what is that the same appetite, that makes you think ‘maybe I can sneak in one more’, ‘perhaps I will skip dinner and have two more’. We are so proud, that we often think we can easily take down a friend who challenges for a gol gappa- eating competition. Now imagine if you were to be paid for eating gol gappas, that too not multiple gol gappas, but just one. A video posted by food blogger Amar Sirohi (@foodieincarnate) that is going viral on YouTube is sure to intrigue all gol gappa lovers out there.

In the video shot in Uttar Pradesh’s Shikohabad city, a gol gappa vendor is making Mammoth-sized gol gappas and offering Rs. 500 to anyone who can finish just one of these gol gappas in one. Condition is that there can be no breakage or spillage. In other words, the Gol Gappa cannot break before you pop it inside your mouth and not a single drop of liquid could spill before the Gol Gappa is placed inside your mouth. Right before you grab hold of the Gol Gappa, the vendor would take 100 Rupees (the original price of the Gol Gappa), in case you win the challenge, with all the terms and conditions applied, the vendor will hand you over the price money of 500 Rupees. ‘Six people have won the challenge so far’, the vendor can be heard saying in the video.

The video also shows the size difference of the regular Gol Gappa vs the Special Gol Gappa, while the regular gol gappa can be held using three-four of your fingers, for the big Gol Gappa you may require your entire palm. It is rightly compared to a ‘Raj Kachori’ in the video.

Like every gol gappa, this big gol gappa is also punctured from the top. A stuffing of boiled potatoes and chickpeas goes in, followed by sweet tamarind chutney and spicy water mixed with chillies and masala. The Gol Gappa is served to the slew of customers who want to try their luck in the challenge.  

The Gol Gappa Challenge may remind you of the Bahubali Pani Puri challenge of Nagpur. The stakes are even higher here, the Panipuri is mounted with a mixture of potatoes, dahi, chutneys shaped into a mini tower atop the Pani Puri, which in turn is filled with 3-4 types of chilly waters. Eating this Pani Puri can win you 5100 Rupees in cash.  


So, think you can ace all these food challenges? Do let us know. And just in case, if you are craving regular sized gol gappa, paani, chutney et al. Then here’s a recipe that would satiate all your cravings. Try this recipe and do let us know who you would want to share this gol gappa with.