Viral: Easy Steps To Make The Fluffiest Bhature At Home
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In the video below, from Secret & Magic’s YouTube channel, the person displays an assembly of ingredients needed to make a dough for the bhature – all-purpose flour, sooji rava, yoghurt, oil, salt and water. He also suggests using desi ghee or butter as an alternative to the oil and baking soda as a replacement for the baking powder. The narrator starts off by combining the flour, salt and baking powder in a bowl, followed by the semolina, yoghurt and water.

Adding water gradually to the dough, he begins to knead it as the ingredients come together and start clumping. Using some additional water, he forms a ball with the soft dough before coating it liberally with some oil and massaging it further. Showing its pliability in a close up to the camera, he covers it with a lid to rest for 2-3 hours. Once ready, the dough is divided into two portions and hand-rolled into cylindrical shapes, which are further separated into individual portions.

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The eight portions are then rolled into smooth balls and coated with a few drops of oil. Then, he goes on to grease the chapati rolling board and rolling pin with some oil after which he gently presses the greased dough ball with his palm. The dough is then rolled out with intervals to spin the board around for evenness and uniformity. Once it expands to the extent of the board, he repeats the process with the remaining dough as the oil for deep-frying heats up off camera.

He drops the disc of dough in the hot oil and presses it down gently with a slotted spoon, only for the bhatura to puff up and brown slightly. Basting the bhatura with hot oil, he fishes it out to showcase a perfectly fluffy bhatura, once the excess oil has been drained off of it. Leaving his viewers with a hot tip (pun not intended) at the end, the narrator also says that it is important for the oil to be fully hot before the bhaturas are fried, for it to turn out fluffy and perfect.