Viral: Delhi Man Selling Fresh Homemade Food For ₹40 Impresses Netizens
Image Credit: Image: Instagram Reel by @youtubeswadofficial

The pandemic had brought the world to a standstill - many lost their dear ones and others lost their only source of livelihood. We saw a time of struggle and hardship, when we tried our best to be financially strong. However, not everyone could make ends meet. After losing out on all means of earning, some also tried to rebuild their career and businesses with something new. Remember Baba Ka Dhaba? Well, the internet is filled with such stories that give us a ray of hope. These stories constantly motivate us and inspire us to keep going. In the post-pandemic world, we have come across many such stories, but recently we found the tale of a 40-year-old man in Delhi that has left the internet in awe. 

In a video uploaded by Instagram food blogger @youtubeswadofficial, we can see a man selling food on his cart. The short video begins with the man loading different utensils full of food on his scooter. He then goes to a location and starts to unload the food on a small cart and serves it to the people in the market. According to the blogger, this man used to have a job at a five-star hotel, which he lost during the Covid-19 pandemic. He then took a loan from his friends to start his own business. And now, he works for more than 15 hours a day to support his family. 

He sells fresh homemade food on a small cart in a market area in the city for only ₹40. From rajma chawal, kadhi chawal, soya curry, chole chawal to roti and raita, one can find everything at ‘Mr. Singhfoodhunter’, who you can also find on Instagram and Facebook by the same name. You can find his stall opposite the Meera Bagh petrol pump in New Delhi. Take a look at the video here:

The video has garnered a lot of reactions from users online, ever since it was uploaded. With about 396k views and over 50k likes and hundreds of comments full of appreciation, the video has definitely resonated with a lot of people. 

"God bless him with lots of happiness and success", a user wrote, while another comment read, "Hardworking man, may he become financially stable soon". One person wrote, “Wow is an understatement”.  

Many people, who have eaten from his stall, have also shared their experience as they revealed that his food is really tasty. A person commented, "Mein gaya hua hu inke paas mast khana banate hai (I have been to him, he makes good food).” One person also said, "Huge Respect for this man and his family for not giving up and bouncing back even harder by working hard. God bless him." A lot of people also said that they would visit him and support his work. 

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