Viral: Deep Fried Pepperoni Pizza Leaves The Internet Unhappy; Seen Yet?
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Pizza is one of the most popular dishes across the world. Be it at a restaurant or café, or on a movie night with friends, pizza is one of the first choices for a lot of us. Despite its origins in Italy, pizza has managed to win over the hearts of billions of people worldwide. The crispy base, cheesy gooey top along with veggies manage to make us drool every time. 

And that's not only it, the popularity of pizza is so much that we now have many variations of the dish, in different flavours and toppings. So, think of butter chicken and we have a pizza with it, or paneer masala and there’s a pizza for it too. But then we also have some bizarre experiments that may not end up tasting good. Wondering what it could be? ‘Fried pizza’ is here to make you cringe.   

In a latest video going viral, originally created by @andyslife247, and uploaded by we can see a man frying a pepperoni pizza. Yes, you read that right. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the video here:

In the short clip, the man first takes a fully baked pepperoni pizza, dips it in a thick batter and puts in hot oil to deep fry it. Once the pizza is fried, he cuts it in half and takes a bite into it. Unbelievable right? 

The video has received over 690k views, and more than 19k likes and about thousands of comments. And like many such bizarre, almost unnecessary creations, most people were not happy with this one too. "Why do people have to ruin already good don't need to fry it... It's pizza, man, leave it alone," wrote one user. Another user commented, "I'm having mix feeling about this. Doesn't sound crispy. Soaking up all that grease." One user suggested, “Just make a calzone.” 

Some person also wrote, "I can smell the cholesterol from right here." Some people also joked about the pizza and said, "This is why we don't have free health care." Another person said, "Why!!!? Let's just have a heart attack right now."

What do you think about this fried pizza? Would you try it? Let us know.