Viral: Cryptocurrency Has Entered Our Humble Samosa In Bangalore; Here's How

Crypto currency has taken over the world by storm. While the buzz around its prevalence, legality and much more is still debated, seems like it has already entered the food space. Not as a currency, but a trend for sure. Indian food business has become a space where we are witness to most unique concepts and innovations across the country. Be it quirky interiors, out of the box presentation or gastronomical inventions, many eateries across the country are doing a lot to stand out. And then there are outright bizarre concepts with which the restaurants are confusing us. In a recent such incident, a Bangalore eatery grabbed our attention with its crypto-centric menu. Yes, you read that right.

A Twitter user, named Aavi, recently took to the micro-blogging site Twitter to share an image of the menu of ‘Crypto Chai by Woosh', an eatery in Bangalore, featuring dishes named after cryptocurrencies. Right from hard fork paneer tikka samosa, pseudonymous bitcoin onion patti samosa to blockchain ledger Punjabi samosa and more - the menu had it all. Sounds unique, isn’t it? "Is Bangalore Ok?" The user wrote alongside the post. Take a look:

 The tweet went viral in no time with over 9k likes, more than thousand retweets and several comments. While some found this menu unique, others were left amused by the creativity. Some people also said that this menu is "peak Bengaluru". “ah the Silicon Valley of India, or as i would call it, home” wrote one user. “Not sure about the world, but Bangalore definitely eats crypto for lunch!” read another. A lot of comments also suggested the restaurant should accept cryptocurrency as payment. 

Some other reactions were hilarious as one of the retweets read “Brb as I get my NFT kachori that’s paid for in MutterCoins “while another said "Investor addiction can also be too cheesy". "I want to buy Crypto Samosa. Which NFT token they are accepting." a third user wrote. 

Restaurants and eateries are definitely upping the game by keeping up with the trends for sure. Seems like bizarre food combinations isn’t the only way to garner limelight. What do you think of the unique menu of this Bangalore restaurant? Would you order anything with a unique name? Let us know.