Viral: Colourful Samosas From Kanpur Get Mixed Reactions Online; Tried Yet?
Image Credit: Image: Pixabay

Indian street food is being revolutionized kin many ways. Right from new and innovative delicacies to fusion and bizarre experiments, we are seeing a surge of unique dishes in the street food of India. It’s no more just tikki, momos or chaat, there’s Maggi, variety of gol gappas- from chocolate to chowmein, and then there’s so many crispy snacks such as samosa being experimented with. The internet is full of viral videos of these unique experiments and we just can’t have enough. Adding to the list of these is this new invention by a Kanpur street food stall, that sell samosas. What’s new is that these samosas are decorated with stripes of different colours including bright hues of pink, orange, green, and fried together. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the video here:

Shared by food blogger Gaurav Wasan on his Instagram handle 'youtubeswadofficial', the video of the colourful samosa is a delight to watch. These samosas are sold by a Kanpur street food stall that goes by the name - 'Pappu Samose Wale'. The video first shows a whole bunch of samosas with different edible food colours put on it, the vendor then fries it all together in a large frying pan. Wasan alsoopens the samosas to show the different stuffings inside each samosa- one with a noodle filling while the other with mixed veggie. "Pappu ji ke colour wale Samose, Food Colour is applied on samosa to differentiate between the varieties. Ever had these??" the caption on the post read. 

The video has already been viewed more than 470k times and has over 30k likes. While the samosa definitely looks interesting, it garnered a whole lot of mixed reactions from the netizens. Some comments expressed their awe with 'wow' and 'super', and asked the location of the samosa vendor. Some were completely against messing with the classic samosa. “Team original aloo samosa unite” wrote one user. Some viewers even joked about 'pink samosa getting real and served', which will attract all women. 

What do you have to say about the colourful samosas? Would you try it? Let us know.