Viral Chocolate Noodles: This Chef Has Made It Possible, Leaving Netizens Amazed
Image Credit: Screengrab of viral video/Instagram, Would you like to try chocolate noodles?

Usually, when we think of noodles in India, it is usually hakka noodles we are referring to or the desi chowmein. Available across food stalls on streets and in fine-dining restaurants, the flavours of the noodles may vary. This invention is of Chinese origin and well, we are not surprised to hear that. In India, the crazy for Chinese, or should we say Indian-Chinese is immense. People enjoy eating spicy and fiery dishes like schezwan noodles, chilly chicken and more. Interestingly, half of these delicacies aren’t even known in China. They are the brainchild of Indian culinary enthusiasts and restaurateurs. 

Recently, we saw a video of the making of chocolate noodles and were left awestruck. Never thought it could be possible. This chef, who goes by the name, Michael Liger, shared his chocolate noodles technique on his Instagram handle and we are impressed. He is known for his expertise in molecular gastronomy and creativity for putting the technique to good use. Are you excited to try these sweet and chocolaty delights? Here, take a look. 

Source: Michael Liger/Instagram

In the video, the chef begins by boiling milk in a pot. He then chops a bar of chocolate and adds it to the milk. He tempers the chocolate till it reaches a melted consistency. Take a syringe, he fills it with the chocolate mixture and adds it to the noodle-shaped pipe. The pipe is then kept in cold water to set. After some time, he pushes the chocolate out of the pipe and Voila! Your chocolate noodles are ready. They look as good as regular noodles and the taste, well, the expression of the chef says it all. 

Captioned as “Chocolate 2.0”, the video has amazed over 2.3 million viewers and garnered more than 200k likes. Now that you have been tempted to eat noodles, here are some recipes that you can try at home. 

1.  Chap Chee Noodles 

This is a special Korean variety of noodles that are filled with vegetables and beef. The bean-thread like noodles are translucent and appear to be very shiny. They acquire the colour of the ingredients and sauces used. 

2.  Cheesy Chicken Noodles 

These are thick and short egg noodles that may resemble pasta. The noodles are dunked in a creamy sauce with some shredded chicken. 

3.  Schezwan Chicken Noodles 

These are the fine hakka noodles which are spruced up with soy sauce and schezwan sauce. The chicken is fried and add to the noodles along with stir-fried vegetables.