Viral Chicken Tikka Masala Cupcake Leaves Netizens Shocked

A recipe video shared by an Instagram account (@succhefful) has left the internet baffled beyond measure, due to the sheer brazenness of the recipe in question. The post, which demonstrates a recipe of chicken tikka masala cupcakes might sound ever so slightly appetizing to some, until they end up watching the goings-on of the person making them. This ‘fusion’ dish starts off by combining butter and ketchup in a saucepan, followed by minced chicken, tonic water and flour.

The mixture is then transferred into greased moulds and baked in an oven. Subsequently, a bar of chocolate is melted in the microwave over a bowl of raw rice and combined to create a sticky topping for the ‘cupcakes’. While the comment section on the video went berserk, with many Indian followers condemning the abomination in the name of fusion food, some were also fascinated by how ridiculous the entirety of the recipe seemed.

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Some annoyed viewers jokingly commented that India must declare a war on the cook for coming up with the recipe while some demanded the cook to post a video of themselves eating it. Surprisingly, some also seemed impressed by the idea and offered their support to the person, whereas most netizens simply used GIFs to express their horror and disappointment. Either way, the unappetising dish met its purpose – as the video went viral, catching the attention of lakhs of internet users on the same day it was posted. With over 6 lakh views and 2500+ likes, tell us in the comments if you would try this or not.