Ask an Indian about some of the most popular breakfast dishes of the country and paratha is sure to make it to the list. With a variety of delicious stuffing filled inside dough and cooked till it is perfectly crisp- parathas are a heavenly affair. Finish it with dollops of butter and pair it with achaar, curd or a veggie of your choice, you have a wholesome meal to yourself. It is the perfect indulgence. The best part is that you can experiment with parathas to your heart’s content. From aloo, paneer, mixed veg to even non-vegetarian minced meat stuffings, there are so many versions of parathas. While we have many paratha recipes in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions, what is the extent to which you can experiment with a paratha stuffing? Ever tried a candy paratha? Yes, it does exist. Don’t believe us? Read on.  

In a recent video uploaded by food blogger @chahat_anand, that has gone viral, we can see a man making candy parathas. The video begins with the man rolling out a simple dough, he then crushes a bunch of candies together and stuffs them in the dough, rolls it out and cook the paratha. He then serves it with aloo sabzi, green chutney, imly chutney and a couple of more sabzis. As per the blogger, the paratha has a mix of jellies, tooti frooti, dry fruits and honey in it, and is super sweet due to which she couldn’t have more than two bites. It is made at the famous Parathe wali gali in Chandni Chowk, Delhi. Take a look at the video here:


Ever since this video was uploaded, it has been viewed more than 650k times, and has garnered more than 40k likes along with hundreds of comments with mixed reactions. While some user said that the paratha indeed looks tasty, while some said “end is near”. 

One person wrote, "This would be great as dessert, but without sabji and chutney." Another user wrote, "This looks delicious, I would like to try it." 

"Paranthe ko paranthe hi rehna do na yrr ..... Paranthe is always best with aloo(Please let the paratha be as it is. Paratha is always best with potatoes.)” a user wrote in utter disappointment. Another user added, "People should stop ruining paratha." Many others have shown disapproval over the weird combination of sweet paratha and spicy sabzis. 

What do you think about this combination? Would you give this paratha a try? Let us know.