Viral: Brooklyn Beckham’s Genius Hack To Make Fish And Chips
Image Credit: Brooklyn Beckham/Instagram, He tried out a fish and chips sandwich.

It isn’t very often that we pay attention to food hacks until they’re shown by an expert or a celebrity. And it looks like currently, everyone has their eyes on Brooklyn Beckham. Why, you ask? Well, the media personality and former model recently shared a crazy hack to eat this popular British dish and it has made netizens go gaga over it.

Brooklyn took to his Instagram handle to share a reel of the way he prepares his fish and chips at home. He begins by slicing the potatoes and soaking them in water with the peels. He then throws them in a skillet full of hot oil. After deep frying the potato strips, he takes them out, sprinkles some salt and keeps them aside. Next, he goes to prepare his fish. For this, he takes two pieces of cleaned fish. In a bowl, he mixes flour with beer and baking powder. He whips it nicely and then coats his fish in the same beer batter.

He takes the fish and fries it in hot oil. Once it turns golden-brown, the fish is seasoned with salt. Finally, we see the highlight of the entire process when he makes a sandwich spread with some olives, jalapenos, red chilli sauce, mustard and mayonnaise. Mixing it all together, he slathers it on two slices of bread, places a piece of fried fish on each slice and tops it with the chips. Placing another slice on top, he cuts it into two halves and Voila! His fish and chips sandwich is ready. 


He captions the video, saying, “Fish and chips sandwich (let me guess the next article title: untoasted bread)”, and mocks himself for his fun hack. Well, to us, it seems like a genius idea and it couldn’t get any better from here. For the unversed, fish and chips are a popular British combination. However, history is proof that the dish did not originate in the region. Instead, it was a tradition brought to Europe by the Sephardic Jews from Portugal and slowly, the batter-fried fish took over all of the region and began being paired with chips.