From High Commissioner To UK's Finance Minister, Dosa Is A Hit

It would be fair to say that Indian food has attracted a lot of attention lately. With its enormous fan base, the country has now reached beyond its borders and attracted attention from many worldwide nations, hitting the tables of a common man to kings and queens of foreign counties. On Thursday, Alex Ellis posted a picture of his meal on Twitter, which included a crisp dosa, sambhar, and coconut chutney. "Back in Bengaluru #Dosa,” the caption read, with a thumbs down to cutlery symbols, indicating that he would be eating it with his hands. 

Alex Ellis, the high commissioner of the United Kingdom to India, is well known for his passion for the regional cuisine and frequently posts pictures from his travels around the nation. He often shares photos of his experiences eating on the streets of various Indian cities. This time, he tweeted a photo of a dish of dosa on social media to commemorate his arrival in Bangalore. 

Ellis's appreciation of regional Indian cuisine was lauded by the internet community, who flocked to the comment section. 'Hello Commissioner,' a user wrote. hope you're looking for idlis." "No matter what western etiquette is, let me tell you one thing: you can only experience the actual taste of masala if you eat with your hands," another user said. We all understand what it means to eat with our hands, so there's that. 

Last month, the envoy posted pictures of Mumbai, where he had the Bombay sandwich and spicy ice cream. He added the caption, "Eating like a Mumbaikar today – trying the Mumbai sandwich and chilli ice cream. (Come eat)". 

The respondents were prompted to recommend their favourite street foods on social media. "A little further up is Cafe New York, an old Irani cafe that still serves legendary Kheema Pav, try it with a chilled beer. Another individual commented, "Do spare your time for Kurukshetra's famed Delhi wale Chhole Bhature H.E." 

Not only the British High Commissioner to India, but also UK Finance Minister Jeremy Hunt and Influencer Aiyyo, Shraddha, uploaded a photo of their meal, which included masala dosa, vada, and sambar as well as chutneys. On social media, Shraddha's funny take on layoffs in the IT industry went viral. In Bengaluru, she met the minister Jeremy Hunt. The two were discussing the relationship between the UK and India when Shraddha noticed that the conversation had turned to a masala dosa, a delectable South Indian delicacy. The office of Finance Minister Jeremy Hunt also posted a number of photos of the two posing for the cameras, conversing, and, of course, enjoying the Indian meal. 

Her social media post reads, "Masala Dosa with Mr. Jeremy Hunt, UK Finance Minister!! I could get used to this. Moreover, Aiyyo Shraddha promised that she would try the "mashed potatoes and peas." She wrote, "Thank you Chancellor! I promise to try with the same zeal you enjoyed the Masale Dose! For those who don't know, mashed potatoes with peas is a traditional Western breakfast dish. Meanwhile, a user asked, "Hope he was able to eat dosa?" on behalf of everyone.