Viral: Blogger Makes Pasta With Cheese Puffs; Netizens Are Impressed
Image Credit: Image: Screenshot from @whathowhystudio's Instagram video

With so many experiments, fusions and innovations taking place every day, the world’s foodscape has never been more vibrant. Be it celebrity chefs, home chefs, influencers or food enthusiasts, everyone is trying their hand at making something unique. 

While we have some completely bizarre food trends making the rounds on the internet as an outcome of these tryouts, there are others that are not just interesting but also delicious. From quirky combinations to unique ingredients, social media is witness to all. Among those, some score big, with many others being brutally turned down by netizens. 

Having said that, we love creativity. Especially, when it involves cheese. And no, we aren’t talking about cheese as just the topping. Some go beyond that to shock us. For instance, did you ever think of making pasta out of cheese puffs? Well, someone just made one.  

An Instagram video uploaded by the handle ‘What How Why' shows us how to do it. In the short video, we see a man showing the process of making cheese puff pasta using readymade cheese puffs. Intrigued? The video is even more interesting. The man first starts to crush the cheese puffs and blending them. He adds an egg to the mix and makes a dough out of it. Next, we see him spreading some flour on a hard base, placing the dough on it and rolling it out by applying pressure on it (just like we do while making chapatis). Now, he puts the flat dough through a machine and cuts it into fine strips for the ribbon pasta. He then moves on to boil the freshly made pasta, use some cheese puff as garnish and voila! Cheese puff pasta is ready to be devoured. 

He reveals how it was cooked better than his expectations. He goes on to taste the dish and says, “It is all actually held together quite nicely.” Further, he adds that the main smell is cheese, which is pretty pleasant. He tastes a spoonful and says, “Interestingly, it's not that cheesy actually and the texture is quite close. Pretty sure that it's the cornflour in the cheese puff.” He goes on to give it seven out of 10, which means it's yummy. Take a look:

The video soon garnered over 93k views and more than 13k likes, along with many positive responses as well. “I really like how he went in-depth this time because I been wanting to know how these foods turn out (sic),” one user wrote. Another user stated, “He finally gave it an actual review - this is the content I am here for (sic).” 

What did you think of this interesting way of making pasta at home? Let us know.