Viral: Amma Sells Idlis And Dosas For ₹5 In Bengaluru; Wins Netizens’ Hearts

The bizarre food trends aside, we have to acknowledge the work that food bloggers and social media enthusiasts are doing to shed light on the food gems on the streets of India. If not the internet, these food vendors would probably never have even been noticed by us. Mind you, not all are whipping up weird trends. Some are genuinely setting a culinary trail worth visiting.  

A year ago, the YouTuber with the username @youtubeswadofficial had posted a video of the viral ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ that created a storm on the internet. The same YouTuber is back with another one to tug at our heartstrings. In the latest video, an elderly woman in Bengaluru is seen selling fresh idlis and dosas to make ends meet.

The food blogger mentions that the lady has been selling fresh idlis and dosas in the city for 30 years now. She sells these delicacies just outside her house, doling out fresh idlis for ₹2.5 and dosas for ₹5 per piece. The lady seems to be working from 6 am to 12.30 pm at this Basavanagudi stall.

So far, the video has garnered around 4.8 million views, 569k likes and hundreds of comments. There are heartwarming comments from netizens around the country. Many have praised her for her kind gesture. While a user commented, “Most amazing people are the most common ones. It's hard to identify or recognise them easily. You do that quite often. Good Work (sic)”, another commented, “Amma! You are an angel Amma!❤️❤️ (sic)”. 

We hope this video has warmed your heart as well. Do visit and support this hard-working amma when you are in Bengaluru.